Implementation case study: Train Together


Train-TogetherAt Bud we firmly believe that our success relies on the happiness of our customers. That’s why we were so pleased to interview Brynne Roberts, Operations Director at Train Together. During the interview he told us of the positive experience he’d had whilst implementing Bud.

Bud customers can now choose between a Core and an Enhanced Implementation service, Train Together used the Core service.

Interview with Brynne Roberts, Operations Director

We chose Bud because it streamlines everything we do, from enrolment to EPA. Previously we were using two of the market-leading platforms, an MIS and an LMS ePortfolio, but they could not monitor everything accurately at one time.

The data we could access was not up to date immediately and we didn’t know which system was the most relevant at that time. Both relied on manual inputting of data multiple times – which is a problem when it comes to analytical accuracy. Bud standardises ways of working, meaning everyone must work in a much more streamlined and efficient way, processes are now consistent and allowed the evolution of our delivery models too.

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Outstanding implementation team

We’re an SME provider but offer apprenticeship standards across various sectors and levels. We were also thrilled to be allocated our own AEB budget in 2022, which has resulted in us being able to offer a variety of additional courses.

At the start of implementation, we shared our master file, which included all the standards and qualifications, and short and commercial courses. The Bud team were not daunted at all by our huge file of standards, their build speed was very impressive. During our 12 weeks of implementation, we had a weekly meeting with Craig, who was our Delivery Consultant at Bud. Everything that Craig promised was completed and built, key milestones were met at every meeting. Even things that were forecast in the future were completed, which meant we were always slightly ahead.

The project management tool that Bud used was great, I could see the milestones and that we were chipping away at them, everything was met on time.

Changing platforms felt very daunting for some of my staff. Some people thought it may be too much to build a scheme of work and a delivery model whilst moving from one platform to a new one, but this was a core ‘business change’ project for us.

It also gave us the opportunity to stop and review everything we do from enrolment to EPA. However, with the meetings, training, and ability to speak with the team at Bud at any point, the team has become confident in the change and is looking forward to the implementation and seeing the benefits of this

My team had an open door to Craig and the rest of the Bud team. When necessary, Craig had 1:2:1 meetings with them, he also took the time to speak with teams and review their collective concerns. Even yesterday, which is beyond our implementation period, I could see he was helping my team.

We had a great relationship with Craig, he’s been in the training industry for a long time and his professionalism is second to none. That’s the same for Tom who was our Bud Business Development Manager and Emily who was our Implementation Project Manager. They are all approachable and fast to respond.

The Bud team were not daunted at all by our huge file of standards, their build speed was very impressive. During our 12 weeks of implementation, we had a weekly meeting with Craig who was our Delivery Consultant at Bud. Everything that Craig promised was completed and built, key milestones were met at every meeting.

Brynne Roberts, Train Together, Operations Director

Rolling Bud out across the business

Now that we’re in the Adoption period, we’re supported by Bud’s CS Team and we’ll catch up every four weeks until the final phases. We’re sampling some standards that have been completed to check that the build is correct, i.e., course duration and breaks between visits. The meetings are very consultative, which means my team can put ideas forward with confidence and then amend any mistakes in collaboration with the Bud team.

We’re planning to launch Bud properly across all our training programmes by 1st August to support the new academic year. Until then we‘re running two platforms in parallel. I know that the time our team will save from not having to redo plans, delivery models, and reviews will be significant. The information and reporting will be so easy to access and report from live data.

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Driving efficiency with Bud

Bud will make learner onboarding faster and less intrusive, there is a fine line between driving efficiencies and putting learners off – Bud gets this right.

Having the ability to enrol more learners effectively and efficiently, (while supporting the compliance and quality expectations of both our stakeholders and internal processes), gives time back to our trainers, engagement, and compliance teams. This time can be invested in enhancing our employer relationships and developing and improving learner experience, which will result in stronger engagement and improved outcomes.

For onboarding alone, I’m expecting to make time savings of up to 70%. We’re aiming to enrol 10 learners for every 1 enrolled via our old process, while still offering the personal and tailored service our learners and employers expect from us.

Alongside the benefits for the learners and the employers, the improved efficiencies and processes will have a positive impact on the team to allow them to spend more time doing the parts of the job they love and increase job satisfaction.

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  • Automatically collate evidence needed to demonstrate learner outcomes and hit compliance targets to release funding.

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