Navigating the fog of AI: Practical ways to use new technology in the apprenticeship space

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Person utilising AI tools

Last updated July 15, 2024

The power of artificial intelligence to make apprenticeship learning more inclusive

Explore how AI tools can enhance experiences for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and neurodivergent conditio...

Podium speaker tribune with flags of Great Britain

Last updated July 8, 2024

Labour wins: What the training industry can expect from the new government

Labour have won a landslide victory in the general election. We run through what the apprenticeship and training industry can expect.

Last updated June 27, 2024

How claiming learner support funding raises the standard of assistance for learners

Many training providers avoid claiming Learning Support Funding – but the funding can boost income and improve the quality of learner suppor...

Learners in a classroom

Last updated June 27, 2024

What is additional learner support funding?

Additional Learner Support funding helps learners reach their potential and achieve their learning goals. Read more here!

Ballot box with person casting vote on blank voting slip, grungy background

Last updated June 26, 2024

General election: What's on your apprenticeship wishlist for the next government?

We look ahead to the next government and find out which education policies top the wishlist for the apprenticeship and training industry.

Colleagues working together

Last updated June 18, 2024

How Bud gave National Upskill assurance on compliance from day one

Stuart Prior from National Upskill explains how moving to Bud brought quality and compliance assurance, and an opportunity to streamline the...

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