How Bud's data dashboards help boards


If you sit on a company board, your time is precious. No doubt you’ll be feeling stretched as there are usually multiple issues competing for your attention. There’s also a short timeframe in which to offer your feedback.

You need to be confident in the decisions you make. In order to do that, you need to be sure you’re accessing accurate, trustworthy data that’s easy to digest.

There’s a huge opportunity for boards to leverage data to assess what is and isn’t working within their organisation.

But all too often, board meetings revolve around reams of disparate information that can bog you down. It isn’t focused and can take a lot of digging to get to the parts that are relevant.

Why do boards need reliable data to make the right decisions?

The art of backing up strategic decisions with genuine facts and information is known as data-driven decision making (DDDM). This approach is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • It avoids the tendency to rely on gut instinct to make major business decisions. This prevents conscious or unconscious bias
  • It encourages board members to focus on the same information and come to a shared decision
  • There is greater accountability on departments to provide the correct information
  • It allows you to make more informed decisions by tracking the same information over time and building up a clear picture
  • It reduces the risk of human error creeping in
  • Analysing data gives you the opportunity to discover solutions for previously unaddressed problems
  • It also allows you to forecast future trends that you otherwise might take longer to notice
  • It provides the evidence that supports the business decisions you make

Top five reasons why boards rely on Bud workflows

At Bud, there are many ways that our platform helps board members.

We know that accurate, real-time data is crucial as it provides the foundation for major decisions. We also know that it’s important to have everything you need at your fingertips, so boards can quickly get on with the agenda.

As a single joined-up platform, Bud provides all the data a board could need. This data is presented in accessible dashboards that can be easily customised with a range of filters.

1. We capture compliant data

All data in our workflows is captured compliantly. Your users can’t go wrong with Bud, because trainers and learners must enter all the information required to meet compliance regulations before they can complete a stage.

This means we’re not only collecting the right data at the right time every time, but boards can trust in its accuracy.

2. There’s less chance of ESFA clawback

From enrolment to EPA, Bud captures information at every stage of training delivery. As a result, you’ll have everything you need to support your ESFA funding claim and guard against clawbacks.

And, because all the evidence has been provided from the learner at enrolment, you can be sure that every learner on Bud is eligible for the funding they are claiming.

3. Get a complete view of your organisation’s performance

Bud captures thousands of items of data from every learner every day and feeds it into its data warehouse. This can be integrated with your preferred reporting tool.

This real-time business intelligence gives a complete view of every aspect of a training provider’s performance. This includes the number of starts, learners who are on a break in learning, their off-the-job hours, withdrawals and completions per month. This means finance directors can gain an accurate overview of the business’ financial health.

4. Problems can be identified early on

Bud’s dashboards and Power BI mean easy visibility over the most important metrics and the ability to drill into the data to see an individual learner’s activity. Problems can be identified early on and interventions planned before they become an issue.

5. We help trainers and managers make the board’s life easier

If trainers and managers have the tools they need to keep learners engaged and deliver successful programmes, it means that board members can focus on building the business.

Bud gives managers full visibility of their trainers and their learners.They can access their data at any time, using their preferred business analytics dashboard, getting a true picture of business performance based on real-time insights.

When it comes to learner progress, managers can identify those who are falling behind, investigate why and act to improve learner outcomes.

We can quickly see our key information about learner numbers, caseloads, starts, completions, and progress towards EPA, enabling us to drill down to individual learners.

Paul Workman, Managing Director at Riverside Training

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