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Save time and speed up the creation of programmes so that learners can be enrolled sooner, which is better for growth of learner numbers and ultimately funding return.

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Paul Workman, Managing Director, Riverside Training
We can quickly see our key information about learner numbers, caseloads, starts, completions, and progress towards EPA, enabling us to drill down to individual Learners.

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In just a couple of minutes Bud’s quick ROI calculator gives an estimate of the savings you could make by using Bud’s Apprenticeship  Management Software for 12 months.

Bud’s Full ROI Calculator takes 15 minutes but provides more visibility behind the calculations.

Have full business visibility in your reporting


Easily access all your training data with Bud’s reporting suite.

See an overview of trainer caseload or deep dive into learner success rates data using custom filters by trainer, employer or apprenticeship programme.

At any point in time trainers can see:

Bud supports trainers to focus trainer efforts on keeping learners engaged and building knowledge, skills and behaviours so you can focus on building the business

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James Swaffield, Operations Director, QA Training
The valuable data that Bud’s apprentice management software provides has also helped QA give employers better transparency and a holistic view of the progress of their apprentices. The training management system has simplified the review and sign off processes, helping us to deliver a superior end-to-end service for our customers.
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Gemma Beech, Director, UK Skills Academy
Bud is the only platform that replicates the high-quality digital apprenticeships that we will be delivering, it reflects the essence of our company, who we are and what we do.”

Who’s it for?

We’ve designed Bud’s apprenticeship management software with the user at heart so that everyone has an enjoyable experience, regardless of their technical ability.


Bud gives managers full visibility of their business.  By constantly collecting data throughout the platform and storing it in its data warehouse it creates a single source of truth.


Managers can access their data in the apprenticeship management software at any time, using their preferred business analytics dashboard, and see a true picture of their business performance based on real-time data.

Management simplified with Bud
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Training Management FAQs
How To Manage An Apprentice?

Effective apprentice management and training delivery is essential to their development. Taking a proactive approach to delivering learning, alongside frequent communication, is instrumental to the growth, development, and happiness of each apprentice you have.


We also recommend hosting frequent 1-2-1s to reflect on performance and wellbeing throughout the duration of their training.

What Is A Training Management System?

A Training Management System (TMS) refers to the system or process a training provider will have in place to effectively manage candidates, apprentices, and programmes.


Typically, this would have been done through a spreadsheet, however, as technology has advanced, we have developed our own Training Management Platform to give you greater insight into your apprentices performance, whilst streamlining the training delivery process.

What Is Effective Training Delivery?

Effective Training Delivery ensures that all training sessions benefit learners, are evaluated for their effectiveness, and maintain an ongoing commitment to improving the overall quality of each session.


To deliver effective training, consider the following:


  • Beginning a Training Session – Greet each person individually when they enter the training environment where possible, and ensure the session is punctual, streamlined, and without distraction


  • Adaptable Training Styles – No two candidates or learners will be the same, and so, you must be able to effectively adapt your training style to ensure that you are delivering for all learners – helping them develop their knowledge and skills


  • Asking Questions & Getting Feedback – The role of active feedback is critical in ensuring effective training delivery, as this is an opportunity for you to gauge the abilities of your learners, alongside their attentiveness


  • Training Evaluation – Evaluating training allows you to prove, learn, control and improve with every session. It is recommended that you follow Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Training Evaluation Model to ensure the quality of each session

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