Why flexible platforms allow mistakes to creep in


Finding the right training management platform can be tough for any growing training business. You not only need to know which platform will help your business perform well but you also need to look at the finer details.

Will it:

  1. Ensure a consistent quality of learning?
  2. Encourage learner engagement?
  3. Allow you to spot learners who fall behind?
  4. Require much admin?
  5. Support compliance?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself when choosing the right platform for your business. To learn more about how to find the perfect platform for you, read our previous blog post.

Another common consideration when choosing the right system is flexibility. Having a flexible platform might seem like a good thing initially. However, flexible platforms can wreak havoc for training providers, especially when it comes to ensuring all your data is up to date.

At Bud, we do everything we can to ensure our workflows and processes drive compliance at each and every stage of the learner journey.


Throughout their programme, learners will have to upload multiple assignments and tasks for their trainers to review and assess. If a platform allows learners to upload work into one large space, then there is a risk of error and loss. Not what you want when it comes to providing evidence for your ILR returns!

Bud captures all the assignments submitted by learners in their communication flow. This means that you’ll have a full audit trail of communications and feedback linked to the activity within the learning plan. Feedback from progress reviews is held in the same way, meaning it can be accessed whenever you need it. This saves you time and reduces stress when it comes to those all-important ESFA and Ofsted inspections.


Having a flexible platform can also cause problems for training providers when it comes to reporting. You want to be confident in your data and that means collecting it from a single source of truth. If data is entered multiple times for a single learner, then there’s a risk that the reporting might be inaccurate.

At Bud, thousands of pieces of data are collected from every learner every day and fed into its data warehouse. This can be integrated with your preferred reporting tool. Using Bud’s dashboards, managers can build reports to gain an accurate measure of performance.

It’s this real time business intelligence that gives a complete view of an organisation – including learner progress. Managers can identify those who are falling behind, investigate why and act to improve learner outcomes.


When it comes to submitting your ILR return, you don’t want to be taking any risks. We know how critical it is to submit the right information and gain that all-important funding. That’s why it’s best for training providers to focus on compliance over flexible platforms.

Bud’s unique workflows are designed by our in-house industry experts to drive best practice for every action. It reduces administrative error, improves data quality, minimises compliance errors and diminishes risk to your business.

Additionally, Bud automatically collates evidence of every interaction and learning experience, so that you can be confident in your claims for funding. This includes claims for Additional Learning Support. When R14 Hard Close comes around, you’ll know that the evidence you need for your final submission has already been automatically collated. It means no surprises and you’ll free up your team to focus on new enrolments.

Bud’s workflows and processes help you to capture the right information at the right time, every time, so you can be confident in your next audit.

What is Bud?

Bud is the No’1 training management platform for apprenticeship delivery. Our single joined-up system is designed to streamline the processes involved in delivering training. Bud reduces the time your teams spend on repetitive administrative tasks, freeing them to spend more time using their valuable expertise delivering high quality training. Our customers benefit from improved data accuracy and reporting, so their opportunity to claim valuable funding is increased and their risk of clawback reduced.

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