Bud - the benefits


How Bud is combining over 30 years of expertise with talent in software development to provide multiple benefits to training delivery.

An overview:

Bud Systems is pioneering the use of technology to transform the way in which apprenticeships are delivered. By combining 30 years of apprenticeship delivery expertise with outstanding talent in software development, the Bud platform was created. Bud was originally built to meet the unique demands of the Apprenticeship Levy and apprenticeship standards. In 2020 the platform was adapted to service the delivery of all types of vocational training including those funded by AEB, Advanced Learner Loans and ESF. The Bud platform supports the delivery of:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Study Programmes
  • T-Levels
  • Commercial

Bud’s functionality focuses on three core areas of training delivery: learning, managing and funding.


Maximising engagement

Bud is a mobile first technology, designed to maximise learner engagement. The interface is easily accessible, simple and intuitive to empower and motivate learners. Bud gives learners easy access to their learning plan. They can access the plan at any time, in any place and on their terms increasing engagement and improving success rates. Learners and trainers can message within Bud so that all communications, events and feedback are captured. In addition, an audit trail is automatically created for Ofsted, showing naturally occurring teaching along with learner stretch and challenge.

Demonstrating progress

Bud’s Skill Scan allows you to measure a learner’s start point at enrolment, track progress throughout the programme, demonstrate distance travelled and recognise readiness for EPA. Learner and trainer can instantly see exactly where they are on programme by viewing percentage complete. Progress reviews can be scheduled, remote or face to face, with evidence captured by digital signature after the event. Bud enables trainers to RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rate learners, so that management can instantly see who’s on track and who’s not.

Enabling Learning

Bud gives learners full visibility of their learning plan from any device so that they can access activities whenever they wish. This gives learners control so that they can progress, submit work and complete activities at their preferred pace.


Driving consistency

Bud’s unique workflows are designed by our in-house industry experts, to drive best-practice for every action. This minimises administrative error, improves data quality, drives compliance and reduces risk to your business. Your users can’t go wrong with Bud because trainers and learners must enter all the information required to meet compliance regulations before they can complete a stage.

Powering business intelligence

Bud captures thousands of pieces of data from every learner every day and feeds it into its data warehouse which you can integrate with your preferred reporting tool. This real-time business intelligence gives you a complete view of every aspect of your organisation’s performance including learner progress. This means you can identify those who are falling behind, investigate why and take action to improve learner outcomes.

Ensuring quality training

Bud’s Programme Design Suite ensures your training is delivered at a consistently high level by every trainer to every learner. With predefined programmes you can define your core curriculum demonstrating ‘Intent, Implementation and Impact’ so that you are always Ofsted ready.

Upload your pre-existing programmes or use our ‘off the shelf’ programmes to help you get started. Both of these solutions allow you to add trainer instructions and resources, standardising your delivery. Bud provides a rich learning environment and enables learners to launch your SCORM content with one click. This means learner experience is as seamless as possible.


Reducing administration

During enrolment, Bud automatically generates the Individual Learner Record in real time, reducing administrative burden, minimising error and improving accuracy. Updates to the ILR are automatically recorded throughout the learning journey, meaning you can be sure your evidence matches your ESFA funding claim.

Driving compliance

Throughout their training programme Bud automatically collates evidence of every interaction and learning experience. You can, therefore, be confident in your claims for funding including those for Additional Learning Support.

Capturing enrolment

Whether you prefer your learners to self-serve their information remotely or your trainers to manage the process, Bud ensures all required data is captured at enrolment. With remote or face to face ID checking, and digital signatures from learner, employer and trainer automatically recorded, you can be sure the evidence you capture is compliant.

Ongoing development

Bud is a platform that continues to evolve rapidly, responding to changes in industry regulations, rule changes and emerging best practice guidance. As a result, Bud enables providers to focus on delivering high quality teaching and learning whilst achieving continuous, sustainable growth. We aim to ‘embed a security first’ culture throughout Bud and we are proud to say that Bud is ISO 27001 accredited. Bud also holds Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This is only awarded to organisations whose security systems have stood up to vulnerability tests carried out by cyber experts.