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with Bud

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Data-driven decision making fuels business growth. Bud’s reporting suite provides accurate, real-time training data at the click of a button, so you have a complete view of your organisation’s health any time, anywhere.

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1. Take decisive action based on the latest data

Build a business based on insights, not intuition. With Bud, you can make informed business decisions based on up-to-date information from a single source of truth.

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2. Full visibility over entire operations

Get round-the-clock visibility over operations and drill down to an individual learner/trainer level. Track learner progress, identify those at risk of falling behind and take action to improve outcomes.

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3. Pre-built dashboards designed for ease of use

Say goodbye to complicated data analysis. Data is presented in accessible dashboards that can be customised and filtered by specific criteria.

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4. Access live metrics, any time, any place

Log in to reporting from Bud’s central data warehouse from any device, at any time, to see how your organisation is performing right now.

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5. Integrate Bud with your preferred reporting tool

Bud’s data warehouse can be integrated with your favourite reporting tool, so you can build and share performance reports with key stakeholders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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"We are accessing data within the live environment, which means we can see problems and identify them for action before they become an issue. As a senior team, we’re now able to be proactive when we encounter any issues, which is essential to the sustainable growth of the organisation."

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