Navigating the fog of AI: Practical ways to use new technology in the apprenticeship space

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Last updated March 27, 2023

What to look for in training management software

There are several factors that need to be considered if you are looking to run apprenticeship and adult training programmes.

Last updated February 21, 2023

Choosing a training delivery solution that reflects learners’ needs

The interest in different training delivery solutions has grown in recent years, with more and more providers opting for a blended approach.

Last updated January 25, 2023

How apprenticeship management software takes the headache out of delivery

Here’s how choosing a joined-up apprenticeship management solution like Bud can take the headache out of training delivery.

Last updated December 14, 2022

The three key areas that should be on your mind for 2023

With a recession looming, what can apprenticeship training providers do to survive - and even thrive - in 2023? Here's what should be on you...

Last updated December 12, 2022

Seven top learning and training trends from 2022

We look back at 2022 and explore the biggest trends in the learning, apprenticeship and training sector.

Last updated November 10, 2022

How Bud’s unique platform helps training providers of all sizes

No matter how big or small your organisation, Bud can help you minimise compliance risks, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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