General election: What does a change in government mean for the training industry?

As it currently stands, we’ll likely see a change in government at the next general election. What will the impact be for the training industry?
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Last updated April 3, 2024

Why a next-generation LMS is essential for an outstanding learner experience

Today’s learners spend a lot of their time online. They’re used to slick, seamless digital experiences, whether the...

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What to expect from Bud’s next-generation AI tools

Artificial intelligence is evolving at breakneck speed, but it’s important for training providers to use it as part...

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The undeniable importance of investing in a training management platform

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, your role as a training provider is more critical than ever.

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Last updated November 16, 2023

Five training trends for 2024, from personalisation to green skills

As we look ahead to 2024, there are already trends emerging that will shape how training providers operate and supp...

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Last updated July 7, 2022

Digital transformation with Bud: Support every step of the way

Implementing new digital processes can be challenging alongside your other day-to-day responsibilities. At Bud, we ...

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Last updated July 4, 2022

How to get your team on board with digital transformation

Digital transformation is vital if the training industry is to continue delivering high-quality training that can b...

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Last updated June 24, 2022

Seven benefits of digital transformation for training providers

There are many benefits to making digital changes in your training business, but that doesn’t mean it will be strai...

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Last updated June 20, 2022

What is digital transformation and how can it help you?

Do the words ‘digital transformation’ throw you into confusion and panic about the technology your training busines...

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Last updated August 16, 2021

Digital transformation for training providers

Digital transformation is a much-needed next step for the training industry, there’s no doubt about that. It’s esse...