What is the apprenticeship accountability framework?

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Last updated October 27, 2023

Activity Management: Edit Published Programmes - Apprenticeships

Join us for the third instalment in our Activity Management webinar series. During this session, we will walk you through the process of edi...

Last updated October 26, 2023

An expert look at the evolving training landscape and its challenges

The training landscape is changing, as providers adapt to increased economic pressures, technical education reforms and shifting learner hab...

Last updated October 19, 2023

What’s next for Ofsted inspections?

It’s been a somewhat rocky year for Ofsted. With a new chief inspector due in January, what does the future look like for Ofsted inspections...

Last updated October 12, 2023

General election: What does a change in government mean for the training industry?

As it currently stands, we’ll likely see a change in government at the next general election. What will the impact be for the training indus...

Last updated September 28, 2023

Sustainable apprenticeships: The growing demand for green skills

The government has set ambitious net zero targets. What can training providers do to meet the growing demand for green skills in apprentices...

Last updated September 21, 2023

How to create a high-quality educational experience

According to Ofsted, the biggest factors in determining whether apprentices complete programmes are the quality of the training and the expe...

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