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Bud's pricing is simple and transparent and based on your active learners. This means you can be sure you’re paying for exactly what your business needs, without being tied into a subscription for unnecessary features.

When it comes to supporting training providers to switch training management platforms, we know from years of experience that a one-size-fits-all approach to implementation rarely works. That’s why we’ll tailor our quotation, meaning you’ll receive the exact level of implementation support you need to meet your requirements.

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"Our investment in Bud is already paying dividends with positive feedback from our learners and employers within the first month of use. Craig has been great in supporting our team to implement the software, migrate our data and to make the process as smooth as possible."

Jamie Crinigan, Operations Director at Skills 4 Pharmacy

“From our initial contact with Bud, it has been a constant stream of support all the way and beyond. From the beginning of the purchasing process to when we started to embed the system as our main learner platform. ”

Tony Lloyd, Head of Delivery at Always Consult

“The Bud team have been really supportive, from our first contact with the Business Development Team to our working partners in Support, Product and Customer Success. Bud are really receptive to our feedback.”

Janette Healey, Head of Apprenticeships at Raise the Bar

“Take the leap. Making the decision to move platforms is difficult for an organisation, but the many cost benefits of Bud outweigh any fears. Our ways of working and communicating have improved across the board, and it’s streamlined our business to deliver much more efficiently.”

Lorraine Sinnot, Quality Manager at Richmond Training

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