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Clunky systems are a silent killer for training providers. Whether you’re sifting through paper records or painstakingly moving data between multiple systems, these administrative processes can be a huge drain on costs and allow mistakes to creep in. Bud helps you build efficiency and accuracy into your operations so your trainers can focus on what matters most – consistent and high-quality delivery.

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1. Replace multiple systems with a single solution

It’s expensive to buy, manage and train your team on multiple systems. Replacing these with Bud’s single end-to-end solution can result in sizeable cost savings for your organisation.

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2. Scale faster with digital enrolment

Still spending hours on enrolment? Reduce time and costs with Bud’s digital enrolment. Learners can easily self-enrol on programmes and upload proof of ID using any device, allowing you to scale learner numbers with no extra admin time.

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3. There’s one true source of data

Gathering data in multiple systems is risky – there’s lots of room for discrepancies which can cause problems when claiming funding. Bud’s robust recording processes create one true source of data, so you can confidently claim funding.

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4. Improve learner engagement

Engaged learners mean fewer withdrawals, better outcomes and less funding lost. Bud’s platform gives learners greater control, with the ability to access their learning plan from any device, submit work easily and receive feedback quickly.

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5. Be proactive if learners are falling behind

With Bud, trainers can use our RAG (red, amber, green) rating system to quickly identify learners at risk of withdrawal and take immediate action to re-engage them.

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"We’ve seen immediate ROI with Bud. In the past, we couldn’t claim ALS because we weren’t comfortable with the recording mechanisms of our old systems. Bud’s functionality has given us the confidence to do it. This, coupled with the fact that we have replaced multiple systems with one, means significant cost savings."

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