How training providers can maximise
revenue with Bud

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Maximising revenue is an ongoing priority for any business. We work with training providers to help them drive more revenue, whether that's through guarding against clawback, providing the tools to efficiently onboard more learners or making the business more attractive to investors.

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1. Reduce the risk of funding clawback

From digital enrolment to compulsory prompts, Bud’s workflows ensure every user submits the correct evidence to support compliance as they move through their learning journey.

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2. Real-time data provides visibility over key metrics

Use Bud’s data dashboards to quickly track the progress of learners in real time against planned activities and off-the-job hours.

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3. Scale learner numbers without sacrificing quality

Delivering consistently high-quality training while growing learner numbers is a common challenge. Bud makes it easy to scale caseloads, providing substantial savings in time, admin and overheads so your trainers can focus on delivery.

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4. An efficient digital platform attracts investors

Technology should play a central role in your investment strategy. Investors are looking for training providers that are fully compliant and have efficient processes and a clear path to scale. Bud supports each of these and more.

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5. Gain a competitive edge

Employers choose training providers that can offer a seamless digital experience for learners. Bud’s interface is designed for accessibility, allowing learners to capture and upload evidence from any device, anywhere, at any time.

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"The implementation exceeded my expectations. I knew it was going to improve our delivery, but I didn’t recognise the extent to which using systems that weren’t fit for purpose were impacting our operations. I never imagined the kind of ROI that we have realised."

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