Choosing a training delivery solution that reflects learners’ needs


The way that we’re training people is changing. Since the Covid pandemic accelerated the shift to remote and blended learning, it’s clear that old systems are no longer fit for use.

Technology is revolutionising the way that apprenticeships are managed, reducing the number of administrative tasks and giving more time back to trainers. It’s also changing the way that apprentices themselves engage with their courses and the skills they’re learning.

Here at Bud, our apprenticeship management software is built with all users in mind, delivering a seamless experience every step of the way.

What is a training delivery solution?

A training delivery solution does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s the method used by trainers to deliver their training.

These solutions can refer to one training method, like the use of classroom teaching for example, but more often than not they’ll refer to a combination of different methods.

The interest in training delivery solutions has grown in recent years, after the pandemic forced providers into the uncharted territory of remote delivery. It’s led many people to examine the best ways to deliver training – not least because Ofsted inspectors will want to see the rationale behind your chosen method.

As former Ofsted inspector Richard Moore told us, inspectors will look for evidence that you’ve thought about how best to deliver high-quality training. This includes:

  • How online training fits with face-to-face training or self study
  • How your delivery model suits learners both professionally and personally, for example by reducing commuting time or the need for childcare

Get more insights from Richard on what Ofsted inspectors are looking for in this article.

How Bud supports training delivery

Bud’s platform is designed to benefit everyone involved in the apprenticeships process:

  • For the apprentice: Bud enables the apprentice to access materials, submit assignments and capture off-the-job (OTJ) hours from any device, at any time.
  • For the trainer: Trainers and learners can message through the Bud app, allowing trainers to provide timely feedback.
  • For the training provider: The software enables training providers to upload bespoke programmes or incorporate Bud’s own off-the-shelf programmes, as well as streamline their paperwork to ensure a slick and effective process.
  • For the employer: Employers can monitor the progress of the apprentice and communicate effectively with all parties

Off-the-shelf training programmes

Whether you’re using online tools or delivering face-to-face learning, it’s essential that the content of your programme is well suited to learners.

There are a number of courses that can teach you how to create effective sessions. If you’ve created your own training programmes, you can upload these to Bud. However, if you need some help, our off-the-shelf programmes can also be used.

Our off-the-shelf training programmes have been expertly crafted by our curriculum gurus, providing you with the programme and all of the course content. Our specialist programmes cover a range of six sectors, with 15 programmes.

These sectors include:

  • Retail and commercial enterprise
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Child development and wellbeing
  • Health, public services and care
  • Business, administration and law
  • Sport, leisure and recreation

Recording learner progress

Bud can be used by trainers, employers and colleges to collect evidence that training has been delivered. Ranging from the submission of assignments to top-level metrics like learner engagement and progression.

This allows all parties to monitor the progress of the learner as well as gain early identification of any risks of learner withdrawal.

An effective training delivery solution

Bud is a joined-up training management platform that’s designed to streamline apprenticeship delivery.

With Bud’s pre-built reporting dashboards, you can analyse every aspect of your data and get full visibility over learner progress. You can monitor operations right down to an individual learner and trainer level, so you can ensure you’re delivering consistently high-quality training.

Find out more about how Bud can help by speaking to a member of our team. Sign up for a free demo or get in touch with us here.