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Bud training management platform was created to transform the way in which apprenticeships and vocational training are delivered. Designed to be mobile first, enabling every element of training to be managed digitally, Bud is the perfect platform for remote delivery. We can help you quickly transition and deliver high quality training online.

Is your remote training Ofsted ready?


At Bud we believe in empowering our customers to deliver outstanding training – through all eventualities.  Throughout the pandemic we have sought ways to support their ongoing business delivery, both on and off platform.

That’s why we recently hosted a webinar entitled ‘Preparing for Ofsted in a pandemic’, to uncover what Ofsted inspectors will be looking for when they evaluate online learning. The findings have been captured in two guides which are FREE to download below.

Preparing for Ofsted in a pandemic

What might Ofsted inspectors focus on when they come calling?

A retrospective check to ensure the online learning you’ve delivered throughout 2020 and to date will impress Ofsted inspectors.  Use this document to reflect on your remote delivery and ensure you’ve captured evidence on the key areas that Ofsted will want to see.

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Case Studies


Take a look at some of our case studies.

See how Bud has helped training providers improve engagement rates, deliver remotely and streamline processes.

Roll out in days in the midst of a pandemic

Having successfully delivered apprenticeships across a multitude of sectors since 2013, Total Training Provision was looking to invest in new technology with the aim of further enhancing its operational efficiencies to the benefit of its apprenticeship learners and employers.

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