How digital enrolment makes a difference

Enrolment provides an opportunity to impress at the very first interaction. Learn how a digital process could make all the difference

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At Bud, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding user experience through our easy and intuitive platform.  The digital enrolment process at Bud is instinctive and reduces administrative workload for trainers, freeing them to spend more time on high value actions.  Bud’s 7 steps of enrolment are simple to navigate and ensure that all the right information is captured at the right time.

We see digital enrolment as a key part of the overall experience for our clients.  Enrolment provides an opportunity to impress at the very first interaction.  If it is not conducted properly, however, it can be a potential pitfall for businesses.  A smooth digital enrolment process can enhance customer satisfaction, improve training provider productivity and reduce risk of ESFA clawback.

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The benefits of a digital enrolment system

Increased learner satisfaction

Efficient digital enrolment reduces onboarding times and improves completion rates.  This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction.  A good digital enrolment process treats each learner as an individual.  The Bud platform ensures enrolment really is as simple as completing an online form, so the process is as painless as possible for all involved.

Brad Tombling, Customer success director at Bud said: “it is important that the needs of both the end user, in our case the learner, and the business form the heart of the digital enrolment process.  One of the main challenges faced by businesses in respect of enrolment is a lack of data and insight.  At Bud, we put data capture at the centre of our enrolment process thus ensuring clients can be confident in their funding claims.  Putting clients first is essential and at Bud we do everything we can to understand customer needs.”

Increased training productivity

A sound enrolment process can also increase productivity.  Bud’s easy and intuitive enrolment process reduces the time providers have to spend on administrative tasks ensuring they have more time to focus on learner outcomes.

“It really is a simple process” Ruth Johnson, BDM at Bud explains.  “First clients must click on the create a new applicant button.  They then select the sector and employer.  Next, they fill in the learner’s first name, middle name and last name.  Clients then select the option to invite the applicant to complete details.  The learner will receive a notification asking them to fill out their information.  This is where Bud’s mobile first platform really comes into play.  With an app for iPhone, android or tablet it has never been easier for learners to fill out their details.”

Reduced risk of ESFA funding clawback

Another benefit of digital enrolment is that it reduces risk of ESFA clawback.  Collecting the right data can be a real challenge for providers during the enrolment process.  Bud automatically collects evidence during enrolment and ensures digital signatures are collected at the right time, every time.

Mark McGrath, Technology Director at Bud said “we are always looking to create the best user experience at Bud.  We know ESFA clawback is a real worry for training providers.  During enrolment, Bud ensures learners are eligible for their programme.  The platform also collects data automatically and stores it in Bud’s data warehouse ensuring providers have all the evidence they need for ESFA compliance checks.  Bud also generates the ILR during enrolment.  The ILR is automatically updated throughout the learner’s programme.”

Paperless enrolment in a digital age

Traditional paper-based enrolment that requires face to face ID checking and signatures is becoming redundant and is being replaced with a digital process.  Digital enrolment can undoubtedly speed up the process, improve a customer’s experience and help them to achieve their business goals (in the case of our customers, an enhanced user experience which optimises learner chances).  Essentially, a smooth enrolment process is simple, efficient, improves data accuracy and works towards the goals of the business whilst meeting the needs of the end user.

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