Apprenticeship Case Study: Apprentify


ApprentifyApprentify is a specialist provider of digital marketing apprenticeships. It offers learners online technical training which is tailored to align with the needs of leading employers in the sector. Its ‘Path to Mastery’ programme allows learners to develop a digital marketing specialism, such as web design, paid search or social advertising.

For employers, Apprentify offers the opportunity to upskill teams through fresh or existing talent, and provides a free recruitment service for new hires.

The Challenge

Apprentify is a relatively small organisation with ambitious growth plans. The business hopes to expand delivery from its current level of around 50 learners to training 150 new apprentices per year. A scalable infrastructure that could sustain its future growth was crucial.

Being brand new to market, Apprentify required an end-to-end operating system that would set learners on a clear progression path and ensure funding compliance. Additionally, its remote organisation of management demanded a platform which could standardise training delivery.

The Solution

Bud spent three months working closely with Apprentify to implement the platform, providing continuous consultation to ensure the product addressed the client’s unique challenges.

Initially, a key part of Bud’s role was preparing Apprentify to go to market by streamlining the process of learner enrolment with its simple self-service data capture. This reduced administration time and cost for the business.

With each trainer being based remotely, Bud’s digital platform offers the key advantage of visibility for everyone involved in the process of delivery.

“The platform offers security: Apprentify can see in real time what their staff are doing, and they can therefore feel confident that the quality of training meets agreed standards – or take early steps to rectify any issues,” said Alistair Wakefield, Bud Systems account manager.

Bud’s fully interactive learning portal provides a clear framework for monitoring learners’ progression against agreed KPIs. This framework, in turn, has been highly beneficial for Apprentify in designing its own curriculum.

“A key feature of the Bud platform is that each learner’s program of learning is clearly set out so they know exactly what the next twelve months or so will look like – they know exactly what they are working towards from the outset.

“Working with Bud from their inception meant Apprentify was able to build its curriculum in a systematic way that they could then deliver out to their trainers – something that might be more challenging for older companies with more established learning programmes.”

As a new organisation, audit readiness was key consideration for Apprentify. With Bud, automated compliance checks to confirm funding claims are fully evidenced have helped to ensure that the business is ready for Ofsted and ESFA inspections.

The Result

With continual support from the Bud team, Apprentify has been able to go to market confidently, with robust enrolment processes in place, visibility over their network of trainers, and insight into their apprentices’ progress. It now has a solid foundation through which it can continue to grow as a business.

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