Heather Frankham


It’s fair to say that I’ve witnessed first-hand the growing pains that apprenticeship delivery has experienced over the past quarter century. From my beginnings as a teacher, I went on to build the UK’s largest apprenticeship provider, Lifetime, starting from scratch in 1995 before selling the business in 2016.

I’m passionate about giving young people the best possible start, and wholeheartedly believe that apprenticeships are a force for good. However, it is an industry beset with issues and that is why I decided to create Bud – to simplify training delivery and support the sector, giving managers total visibility of their organisation to reduce business risk and ultimately improve the quality of training.

Bud has achieved a huge amount in a very short period of time. Our customers and thousands of learners are using the platform every day and have given overwhelmingly positive feedback. I am confident that Bud will provide the technical support that training providers need to enable to them to continue improving outcomes for young people and adults.