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So Bud’s customers can be sure their data is in place for 2021’s RoATP refresh.

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Make it easier to (re)apply to RoATP

Training providers are facing yet another RoATP refresh, but what can be done to ensure a seamless re-application process?  How can training providers avoid common pitfalls and make the process as smooth as possible?

Bud collects evidence right from the very start of the learner’s journey.  From enrolment to EPA, Bud automatically drives evidence collection – it even automatically updates the ILR – so that Bud’s customers can be confident the data they need for their RoATP re-application is ready and in one place.

But if you’re not yet a Bud user, don’t worry, we’ve got our experts together to talk about the refresh and have created a series of resources to support you with your (re)application.

Free hints & tips for 2021’s RoATP refresh

A podcast, podcast transcript, live webinar, blogs, example emails and a vox-pop from a leading training provider COO.

We hope to inform and educate those ITPs looking for advice on the ESFA 2021 RoATP refresh.

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The “Why & How” of RoATP

With an introduction from Brad Tombling, Customer Success Director at Bud, this webinar provides illuminating insight into the RoATP re-application.  Brad discusses ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ of RoATP.  Along with his panel: Matt Wood, Funding and Compliance Manager, Ruth Johnson, BDM and Craig Robinson, ADC, he also looks at best practice guidance.

Discover how to prepare for and succeed with your application.

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The Most Common RoATP Application Issues

Worried about the RoATP re-application?  Join the Bud team and discover how to avoid the common pitfalls when applying to RoATP.  Learn our top tips and find out the best resources to use when re-applying.

Download or listen live on your favourite podcast app.

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Full pdf transcript

Read our Funding and Compliance Manager, Matt Wood’s thoughts on the latest RoATP Refresh and in PDF form and learn his top tips for re-applying

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Ruth Johnson | BDM at Bud
“Providing evidence of initial assessment is going to be critical when re-applying to RoATP. Bud allows you to gauge the starting point of a learner and recognise prior learning. With Bud’s embedded skillscan, providers can develop a true picture of the learner.”

An Example of an ESFA 2021 RoATP Refresh Email

Wondering what you’ll receive when it’s your turn to re-apply?  Here’s a copy of the email that you’ll receive when you’re invited by the ESFA.

There’s also a summary of the application requirements.

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Jesse Johnson | Director of Sales at Bud
“Bud collects thousands of pieces of data from every learner, every day and feeds it into Bud’s data warehouse with your preferred reporting tool. Having all the data in one place helps providers to analyse their organisational performance, boost revenue return and, of course, support with the RoATP re-application.”

Useful RoATP 2021 Refresh articles

Need a summarised overview of some of the changes coming for 2021’s ESFA RoATP refresh? We’ve spoken to our experts and have pulled together the most important points that training providers need to be aware of from May onwards.

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Changes to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers in 2021

In February 2021, all apprenticeship providers were told they must apply to RoATP yet again making this the third refresh in four years.  With the ESFA making so many changes, there was some confusion around the requirements for re-applying.  This document provides a summary of all the changes in the latest RoATP refresh.

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The Why, The What & How of 2021 RoATP applications

Beginning May 2021, the phased re-application process began.  All those registered will be invited to reapply to RoATP and prove they meet a renewed list of stringent criteria.  Unfortunately, there’s no way around this. If you want to run apprenticeships training you need to be on the list.  Failure to do so could mean you’ll be unable to continue your training provision.

That’s why at Bud we’re doing everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen.  This blog talks you through the why, the what and the how of the latest RoATP application.

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Brad Tombling | Director of Customer Success at Bud
“The Bud platform automates workflows and best practice ways of working. Designed by our in-house industry experts, Bud drives best-practice for every action. This not only minimises compliance and administrative errors but also improves data quality. The ESFA will be looking for this when providers re-apply to RoATP.”

Here are some useful Links

The ESFA is trying to be as helpful as possible when it comes to 2021’s RoATP refresh. Here as some valuable links to resources on the Gov.uk website:

1.       Application guidance for the refresh of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

2.       ESFA’s RoATP homepage

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