Imagine a world where R14 hard close was easy

Imagine a single joined-up platform that automatically captures learner data, in the moment, and drives your compliance

Don’t dread R14 hard close

Hard close is always a difficult time of year for training providers. So what can you do to prepare in advance? Matt Wood, Product Owner at Bud, knows ESFA requirements inside out – and exactly where providers are missing a trick. Discover everything training providers need to know to prepare for hard close.



Make hard close less hectic

Hard close is always a difficult time of year for training providers. So what can you do to prepare in advance? We brought in the experts to find out.

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Want to be better prepared for R14 2023? Bud is the market leading single joined-up platform, designed around workflows that drive evidence capture at every learner interaction, 24/7. Find out why Bud’s customers are prepared for R14. Book a demo now.


Understanding hard close and what it means to training providers

We know the academic year end can be difficult for training providers because it incorporates R14 – also known as the hard close. But what is it, why is it crucial, and how can training providers get it right?

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How Bud takes the ‘hard’ out of hard close

R14, also known as ‘hard close’. A term that can fill training providers with a sense of dread. Discover what Bud can do to help ensure that this year’s submissions don’t feel quite so complicated.

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Maximising success rates during R14 Hard Close

Bud’s in-house training industry experts share their knowledge of R14 and offer insight to support training providers through this stressful period. Discover how you can simplify hard close.

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Maximising Success Rates

Worried that your success rates will fall short? Join Joanna Walker, Head of Marketing, Matt Wood, Funding and Compliance Manager, and Ruth Johnson, BDM, as they discuss how to reduce administrative time, save time, improve learner outcomes and, ultimately, increase success rates. Can’t listen to the podcast at work? Then read it in written format here.

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"October 20th may seem like a while away but it will come round fast. Staying on top of things right from the beginning of the learner journey is crucial."