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Created by industry professionals, for industry professionals.

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The best platform for every user

For managers, trainers, learners and employers, Bud’s interface is designed to enhance the experience of every user. In fact, Bud is so intuitive that our customers have reported their users are up and running faster than on any other platform they’ve experienced – meaning they can spend more time improving learner outcomes.


At Bud we understand the complexities involved in managing a training provision, we know the business issues that keep you awake at night, that’s why our platform gives you full visibility of your training delivery.  

Bud is an end to end system designed around workflows that drive compliance – which means your users have to provide evidence at every stage, they cannot go wrong.

Bud collects data from thousands of points every day, it’s stored in our data warehouse to provide a single source of truth which you can access via your preferred business intelligence dashboard, giving you a clear overview of your business whenever you need it.


Bud is built to streamline the entire enrolment process.  By enabling learners to ‘self-serve’ their enrolment remotely – including completing their initial assessments in Maths and English – the administrative burden is reduced for trainers and the risk of errors minimised. 

Throughout every learner’s programme, Bud dynamically generates a centralised evidence pack so that you can confidently claim your funding – including for additional learning support.

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Some of our customers

There are tens of thousands of users on Bud benefitting from over two decades of leadership experience in training and development.

Every user loves Bud, whether they’re tech savvy or not!

Bud is built to manage the end to end delivery of vocational training for independent training providers, employer providers, universities and colleges.

Independent Training Providers

Start up or industry giant? Bud is designed by experts to manage the complexities of training delivery for every provider.

Employer Providers

Vocational or professional – Bud supports the delivery of all training from every funding stream.

Colleges & Universities

Whether you have tens or thousands of students, Bud supports individual and bulk enrolments and updates.

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