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Case Study: PeoplePlus Partners With Bud To Support Its Apprenticeship Digital Transformation

PeoplePlus, one of the UK’s leading adult training providers, has announced its decision to partner with Bud to provide its end to end apprenticeship management platform.


Building the right dynamics for investment in apprenticeship training providers

Bud Co-Founder, Heather Frankham, illuminates the pathways and conditions that apprenticeship providers must create, in order to attract investment.

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The power of data and business intelligence to drive growth and unlock value

Bud Co-Founder, Heather Frankham, gives some key insights from a recent Grant Thornton, “Skills in the New World” networking event.

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Towards the 2019 inspection framework

Some great insight into draft changes in the Common Inspection Framework from Chris Jones HMI Further Education and Skills: Specialist Advisor Apprenticeships at Ofsted.


Bud’s Journey to ISO27001 Certification

“A pass with no non-conformities”. That is the phrase every security manager wishes to hear at the end of their ISO 27001 implementation journey. Thankfully at Bud Systems, that was the exact phrase that came out of the auditor’s mouth when delivering his concluding statement.


Case Study: How Bud helped Riverside Training maximise its revenue

Paul Workman, Managing Director at Riverside Training shares how using Bud has made a big difference at Riverside. He summarises the obvious, and other less-obvious, benefits that has enabled his team to benefit from efficiencies whilst also drive quality and scale effortlessly.


Case Study: How Bud enabled Apprentify to provide a seamless learner experience

The Apprentify team set out to offer unique yet business focused apprenticeship / training, and designed an industry leading apprenticeship / talent assessment centre which runs every week online, testing over 30 candidates on their digital marketing knowledge, skills and behaviours.


Education Inspection Framework 2019: The consultation so far

Insight from Dr Chris Jones HMI, Specialist Advisor on Apprenticeships on progress of the new inspection framework consultation.


Ofsted Monitoring Visits for Training Providers…

What will Inspectors be looking at? According to Chris Jones, Ofsted Specialist Advisor for Apprenticeships, it’s all about PROGRESSION!


Paragon Skills & Bud – working together to drive quality in apprenticeship delivery

Ian Bamford, COO of Paragon Skills reflects on the partnership with Bud and the positive impact the use of the platform has had on Paragon Skills’ delivery of apprenticeships.


Introducing Bud Systems: The end-to-end EdTech solution
that’s set to maximise apprenticeship delivery

It’s fair to say that I’ve witnessed first-hand the growing pains that apprenticeship delivery has experienced over the past quarter century. From my beginnings as a teacher, I went on to build the UK’s largest apprenticeship provider, Lifetime, starting from scratch in 1995 before selling the business in 2016.


The future challenges for apprenticeships with Mark Dawe

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive of The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), talks to Bud Systems about the future of apprenticeships and the challenges that still need to be overcome.


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