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How Bud's Business Development Team use their industry knowledge to solve provider pain points

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Who are the team?

What makes Bud unique aside from being the market leading single joined-up platform for apprenticeship delivery?  It’s the people.  Bud employees are knowledgeable, understanding and truly passionate about making a difference.  And when it comes to our business development team, there are certainly no exceptions.

With a wealth of experience to draw upon, the team truly understand the benefits digital platforms can bring to businesses.  What’s more, they fully appreciate the pain points training providers face on a daily basis and want to help providers solve these industry wide issues.


What does the team do?

The role of Business Development Manager at Bud involves so much more than just selling.

“We have to understand what the provider really wants and needs” says Jesse Johnson, Sales Director at Bud.  “It’s always a two-way street when providers are looking to buy a training management platform.  There’s no point in selling the Bud offering to a company if it isn’t the right fit.  We need to make sure the partnership will add value for both parties.”

It’s also our job to work with the tech team to make sure we can provide the functionality and user experience that providers want.  Every business does things slightly differently and it’s our job to make sure the Bud product caters for all.


Meet the team

Led by Jesse Johnson, Sales Director at Bud, the team consists of 4 talented individuals.




Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson, Sales Director at Bud, has worked in the Education Technology sector for over 20 years.  Jesse is known by all as a dedicated, focused and forward-thinking individual.  As a former rugby player, you can be sure that Jesse will tackle any challenge.

When asked why Jesse joined Bud, he said:

“I have a passion for the positive impact technology can have on the delivery of learning; and the operational and financial improvements it offers to business and institutional leaders.  Helping training providers to truly understand the benefits Bud can bring and seeing these benefits come to life as we partner with providers is extremely rewarding”.

“We are always looking to the future” says Jesse.  “Whilst we have achieved a great deal in a very short space of time, and are very proud of that, we want to develop our offering and help clients to future proof their training delivery.  We know that the training industry, like the rest of the world, is only going one way and that is increasingly digital.  The work Bud is currently doing in terms of data collection and analysis will help us to quickly adopt the latest technologies and continue to provide an engaging experience for all learners”.


Ruth Johnson

Ruth Johnson, who despite having the same surname is of no relation to Jesse, joined Bud two years ago.  Having previously worked for a large training provider, Ruth has a deep understanding of the sector and really understands the training provider’s perspective:

“Having worked as both a trainer and an area manager, I can really understand the challenges training providers face day in day out.  Bud is a product which helps increase capacity for quality and learning delivery and ultimately revenue return.  It’s great to be working for a company that helps solve some of the biggest problems in the industry.”

When asked what Ruth enjoys most about working at Bud, she said “I love working at Bud because I am helping providers to embrace a product which can truly transform their training delivery.  Working alongside great people is an added bonus.  Both our clients and our Bud team members really make this job worthwhile.”


Tom Raworth

Tom Raworth joined Bud in the middle of the pandemic.  Despite this, Tom has hit the ground running and already brought in some exciting new clients.  Tom brings a real energy to Bud and matches the positivity and drive that runs through Bud’s core.

“Bud has experienced incredible growth over the past 12 months, largely due to the brilliant technology that has been developed and the ongoing successful relationships we have formed with our clients.  It’s an exciting time for Bud and I’m pleased to be a part of Bud’s journey.”

When asked about where Bud is heading:

“In terms of the future, I see the Bud product continuing to evolve and solve many of the issues training providers face on a daily basis,” says Tom.  “Bud is already the platform of choice for more of the top 20 ITPs than any other training management system.  As awareness of Bud increases, I think Bud’s share of the market will continue to grow.  Being the only truly single joined-up platform on the market really makes us stand out and it’s great helping providers to see the huge benefits that Bud can bring to their businesses.”


David Weston

David Weston also joined Bud in the midst of the pandemic.  Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in the EdTech sector, David joined Bud with the hope of using his skills in a different way.

“I joined Bud as I wanted to be a part of something new and exciting,” says David.  “Having worked in education technology for the past 8 years, I know the enormous benefits it can bring to businesses and its transformational capabilities.  And that’s exactly why Bud exists.  We know delivering apprenticeships and other vocational training isn’t easy but we’re here to make it as easy as it can be.”

When asked his favourite thing about working at Bud, David said:

The people at Bud really make this job worthwhile.  Our team are all hardworking and motivated and we’re all working towards a common goal: to help training providers maximise their training performance with a training management platform that is right for them.



Having brought in 20 new clients already this year, Bud’s Business Development team have certainly had their hands full.  Jesse, Ruth, Tom and David pride themselves on their transparency and clarity.  It’s this approach that gives providers confidence that they are making the right choice.

If you would like to learn more about Bud and the industry issues that the platform can help solve, why not speak to a member of the team?  Email [email protected] to chat with the team.


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