Case Study: SCCU's Digital Transformation

How SCCU transformed their training delivery by bringing everything into one system

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To achieve their ambitions for growth SCCU needed to replace the multiple learner management systems they were using with a single, joined up, digital system. The disparate systems they had meant paper-based enrolment with manual keying of information and multiple spreadsheets, providing opportunity for administrative errors and inefficiencies throughout the business.


The Challenge

SCCU’s senior management team knew their new platform must enable electronic signatures from learners and employers and provide a full end to end digital solution, and after a thorough review of the systems available they decided to switch to Bud.

Jon Darke, Funding and Performance Manager at SCCU said:

“Bud has given us the scope to achieve our ambition of increasing the breadth of our offer and scalability to match our continuing growth. Over the past year we have expanded our delivery. We were predominantly working with schools offering training for teaching assistants and PE, now Bud has helped us to expand into wide ranging business qualifications up to level 5 whilst still improving and developing our school based provision.”

Jon also stated:

“Bud provides rigid workflows based on the ESFA funding rules cannot be circumnavigated ensuring the delivery by our own tutors and freelance trainers is always 100% compliant. More and more we’re finding our new freelance trainers have prior knowledge of the system which shows how widely spread it is becoming”.

The Solution

Because Bud forces administrative compliance from the point at which information is input by trainers and learners, it frees up compliance teams to shift the focus of what they are looking at.

In the past, because of the systems, SCCU compliance were forced to spend too much time looking at enrolment forms and minor administration, now compliance are spending more time looking at the bigger picture, reviewing and adding value to other areas of the business.

Bud has improved inefficiencies throughout SCCU’s apprenticeship delivery, it’s enabled cost savings and therefore provided better value for money than their previous systems. SCCU’s delivery staff, learners and employers have all found Bud much easier to use than their old systems – Bud’s thorough onboarding training and intuitive interface mean the switch to Bud was easy.

Jon talks about how bud SCCU actually grew their business during lockdown thanks to Bud:

“During lockdown, if we hadn’t had Bud we would be in a much more difficult position, we have been able to continue delivery to our learners remotely through Google meets. Reviews have continued to happen. If we were still on the old systems we would have really struggled to do any remote work. During lockdown we’ve actually had a growth in numbers and life has been a little bit easier. I’m thankful we’ve been able to keep on top of delivering training and maintaining our income.”


The Result

SCCU have embraced Bud’s data warehouse and Power BI integration, creating their own Power BI suite of reports for use by senior leadership team, to inform on the performance of tutors and caseloads.

In November 2019 SCCU were very proud to achieve a Grade 2 from Ofsted. They found that Ofsted inspectors were interested in Bud, and were ‘very impressed by the way you could design programmes, and make it sing’ with great resources, stating ‘programmes in Bud can become personalised and very interactive’.


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Apprenticeship Management Case Study SCCU

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