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A single system to manage training from end-to-end.

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A single system to manage training from end-to-end. 

Improving accessing and onboarding

Based in the Cloud, the Bud platform is perfectly positioned for ease of access.  

Connect from any internet enabled device at any location, requiring only access to a browser.  

We recognise that maintaining enrolment during periods of lockdown is crucial to the cash flow of training providers.  

Bud allows learners to self-serve all the information required for enrolment, via any device. For providers’ benefit Bud uses workflows to ensure compliance risks are reduced, digital signatures and digital ID checking, and even automatically generates the ILR. 

User experience is key 

We have invested time in ensuring the Bud interface is engaging, intuitive and the ‘best in market’. Our clients have told us this has helped improve learner engagement and meant less time spent training on how to use the platform – when compared to other systems. 

Data driven insights

The key to adding value is using data to its full potential.  

With Bud employers and learners can clearly see the progress made so far versus where they need to be, highlighting whether the learner is ahead or behind expectation.  

This also means training providers get a much more detailed view of this vital information to understand how the business is performing at an individual learner/trainer level.  

Bud is an end to end platform collecting data from multiple points every day, so the single, objective, source of truth it provides gives the opportunity to identify learners who are struggling and offer additional support to get them back on track. 

Increasing staffing flexibility

With staff now working remotely and the ongoing risk of people taking forced time off, Bud provides a solution to allow workloads to be easily shared.  

This ensures nothing can be missed or forgotten leading to compliance or quality issues.  

Bud’s cloud based systems allow trainers to work on various different learners’ profiles and progress data to be easily accessed by managers, so senior management has a total view of their business whilst still allowing for scalability. 

Allowing rapid feedback

In a recent AELP research study, difficulties in communication between learners, trainers and managers were cited as a clear challenge during lockdown. Bud easily overcomes this because the technology allows instant messaging between learner and trainer. Learners to get the help they need, when they need it and trainers can reduce delays with ease by providing responses in a timely manner.  

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