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Don’t dread R14 Hard Close


Hard close is just around the corner. With the pandemic having caused more breaks in learning than ever before, this year’s R14 may just be the toughest one yet. But don’t worry, Bud’s industry experts have prepared a number of useful resources to help you through hard close 2021. Scroll down or click the button to find our guides.

Want to be better prepared for R14 2022? Bud is the market leading single joined-up platform, designed around workflows that drive evidence capture at every learner interaction, 24/7. Find out why Bud’s customers are prepared for R14, book a demo now.

How Bud takes the ‘hard’ out of R14 hard close

Bud drives evidence capture from every learner at every interaction and stores the resulting data in its data warehouse.  Managers and trainers can easily access that data through Bud’s dashboards. Trainers can see an overview of their whole caseload and deep dive into individual learner data, meaning they can work efficiently and effectively.

At any point in time, every trainer will know who:

  • is on a break in learning
  • is at risk
  • is approaching EPA
  • requires ALS

This insight supports trainers to take the right action at the right time every time.  Meaning trainers can focus their efforts on learners; keeping them engaged, building on their skills and behaviours, whilst their knowledge is progressed through the learning plans contained within Bud.

And managers know that Bud is constantly capturing evidence, driving compliance, so that every ‘R’ submission is accurate – and when R14 comes around you’re already ready!

Guides & Downloads for 2021’s R14 success

We’ve created a series of resources to support you through the end of the academic year. Click the links below to be taken to the content.

All designed to help you have the best hard close you can in the absence of having Bud – there’s something for everyone.

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Maximise success rates in time for Hard Close

Worried that your success rates will fall short?  Join Joanna Walker, Head of Marketing, Matt Wood, Funding and Compliance Manager and Ruth Johnson, BDM as they discuss how to reduce administrative time, save time, improve learner outcomes and ultimately, increase success rates.   

Listen live below or subscribe here on your favourite podcast app.

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Hard Close Q&A

Can’t listen to the podcasts at work? Then read it in written format here:

Our Funding and Compliance Manager, Matt Wood and ex-trainer Ruth Johnson discuss 2021’s hard close. Transcribed in PDF format for you. Read their top tips for managing workload between July and October on your own time.

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The perfect software for R14 hard close

New to the whole process and have yet to come across the likes of hard closing? 

This article outlines the basics and shows what can Bud do to ensure that submissions don’t feel quite so complicated.

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Matt Wood | Funding and Compliance Manager
“October 21st may seem like a while away but it will come round fast. Staying on top of things right from the beginning of the learner journey is crucial. ”

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