We’re setting the standard

Bud is backed by more than 20 years’ industry experience.

Our Founders

Heather Frankham founded Lifetime Training in 1996 and built the business to be one of the largest apprenticeship and skills training businesses in the UK. David Foster joined Lifetime as COO in 2009, later becoming CEO, and helped deliver three-fold revenue growth during his tenure.

Having successfully sold this business, Heather and David have now created Bud, with a specific focus on building a complete solution that enables high quality training to be delivered consistently and effectively.

Heather Frankham

Heather Frankham


David Foster

David Foster


We are Bud

As leaders in the training and development industry for over two decades, we’ve witnessed first-hand the challenges that can affect apprenticeship management – not to mention accommodating apprenticeship reforms such as the levy, increased employer involvement and the move to standards. We knew there had to be a better way. That’s when Bud was born.

Leaders in the training and development
industry for over two decades


We combined our expertise and experience to provide a straightforward, fully integrated  solution that effortlessly overcomes the many issues faced by training providers. It’s effective, efficient and engaging, resulting in an enhanced learning experience and a streamlined process from start to finish.

At a glance

A single, intuitive end-to-end platform

Supports delivery of standards and frameworks

Pre-built programmes, plus the option to create and edit your own

Levy ready, including managing complex funding claims

Increased efficiency, cost savings and control

Enables the delivery of qualifications from any awarding body

In-built applicant and caseload management, enrolment, reporting

First class customer service