23rd July 2020

Case Study

Total Training Provision rolls-out Bud in days to guard against Covid19

Total Training Provision is a learning provider specialising in a range of apprenticeships, as well as courses to aid the unemployed. It also delivers learning programmes within the Justice sector in conjunction with the Police and re-offending department to provide a source of education to help stop re-offending. In addition, Total Training Provision supports businesses in meeting their in-house training and CPD goals.



Having successfully delivered apprenticeships across a multitude of sectors since 2013, Total Training Provision was looking to invest in new technology with the aim of further enhancing its operational efficiencies to the benefit of its apprenticeship learners and employers.

Total Training Provision chose Bud because it provides a true end-to-end solution offering the ability to communicate effectively with learners remotely right from the start of their vocational journey. This includes everything from enrolling them onto an apprenticeship programme to then being able to deliver the training itself. All users – apprenticeship learners, employers and Total Training Provision staff – would be required to use the management platform day-to-day. The ability to combine a range of online and manual processes into one experience was a key driver in the selection of the platform.

Total Training Provision staff share a huge amount of experience, which they apply across the entire breadth of the organisation. Administration and compliance are part of the same team, and senior management is also streamlined and very involved in operations. After careful consideration, having reviewed other apprenticeship management systems on the market, Total Training Provision saw that Bud would be able to provide them with one point of control for all apprenticeship management.

This combination of factors led to Total Training Provision selecting the Bud Apprenticeship Management Platform.

In addition, although unknown at the beginning of the initial deployment, the outbreak of COVID-19 would also mean that the system had to be robust enough to cope with a vastly accelerated roll-out.


With many learners already ‘inflight’, partially through their programmes, Total Training Provision had been working with Bud to follow a roadmap for implementing the platform and enrolling its first learners onto the system through a careful and phased approach over time. The outbreak of COVID-19, however, meant that the full roll-out of Bud would be accelerated exponentially from several months to just a matter of days. Working closely with Bud, Total Training Provision were able to quickly roll-out the system to all apprenticeship parties; learners were still able to continue with their programmes during lockdown and receive appropriate communication, be set new activities and have their progress accurately tracked.

Chris Garcia, Director of Quality at Total Training Provision, who is responsible for the deployment of the Bud Apprenticeship Management Platform, commented:

“We appreciate that our learners and employers are taking rapidly to technology, and Bud allowed us to make the move from face-to-face to remote delivery quickly. However, the COVID-19 outbreak meant we had to rapidly shift our operational model to a distance learning/remote provision, within a matter of days.”

He added:

“Although some other ePortfolio systems on the market have similar features, they’re not nearly as intuitive as the Bud Training Management Platform. All of the logic that Bud has built behind it, in terms of the algorithms, working out the funding codes and generating the ILR data is a huge benefit. It’s an end-to-end service where no other e-portfolio system that I’ve used has been able to provide so much functionality in such a logical workflow.”


Moving forward, Bud will be a key benefit in the delivery of Total Training Provision’s apprenticeship programmes and will further enhance its existing delivery model and learner journeys. The Bud Training Management Platform is not only helping Total Training Provision to negotiate all the complexities associated with apprenticeship funding, but has vastly reduced the administrative burden for all parties, enabling them to focus on the skills delivery.

Garcia concludes, “The efficiencies that Bud has brought have enabled us to streamline our processes. The Bud Apprenticeship Management Platform frees us up to concentrate on what’s really important; giving our learners and delivery staff a greater focus on gaining and delivering the skills to complete and achieve apprenticeships. We look forward to delivering and creating new programmes in Bud and helping more people to fulfil their career aspirations.”

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